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Chalk additives in Russia

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The group of companies "Aleko" is a leading supplier of hi-tech equipment for manufacturing plastic products. Leading supplier of the equipment used to recycle polymer waste: grinders, Avian, USA, shredders, Avian, USA, granulators, aglomerators

Russia , Rostov-on-Don   https://polimerexpert.ru/

Distribution of chemical raw materials, chemical products, chemical reagents

Russia , Dzerzhinsk   https://vitahim.ru

Our primarily focus is PET industry. The aim of our activity is to combine the major fields of PET (plastic) processing industry into one dedicated company (source of supply). These are -colourants, additives, purging materials, equipment for dosing and m

Russia , Moscow   http://comipack.net

Production of masterbatches and additives for plastic processing.

Russia , Moscow   https://gabriel-chemie.com

Develop and produce flexible film for packaging, polymeric compounds

Russia , Nizhnekamsk   http://www.kzpm.com

Russia , Moscow region   http://www.pp30.ru

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Russia , Moscow

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